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About Us



GOLD CORN s.r.o. has been established in 2008, the head office can be found in Komarno,Slovakia.

The founders have been dealing with the technology and development of drying and storage for over 30 years in different forms. We have significant amounts of references in Hungary, where we established over 200 sites, we also have references in Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, France, Germany, Ireland and other places. The establishments are characterized by high technology and demanding implementation, durable and reliable and energy-efficiency. We are able to find a solution for every single dry-able    material, product and find the suitable drying technique.

Our company's' customer needs are coordinated in an appropriate manner, in a complex form, from the planning to the turnkey handover of the dryer and implementation of technology in agriculture, industry, chemical industry,  grocery and other areas. We make an offer after a site visit and after reconciliation of the needs, and each element of the drying plantation and the complete project.

We provide a wide range of equipments, which always have optimal technology and are developed to the customer needs and tasks, which ensures guaranteed quality of the drying products. Taking our customers needs into account, there is an option where we can offer the products of several manufacturers, including seed-cleaners, material handling equipment and other auxiliary equipment.

For the storage of grains and to protect the quality, we are offering the modern, ventilated, various storage silos and integrated ventilation and drying floors that can be installed into the seed storage, which ensure the quality of stored products.

The energy used during the drying process is the most important factor in most cases, and we strive to achieve the best possible use of indicators, and it is -without an exception - suitable is appropriate to the technology that we offer.